Thursday, September 08, 2005

And.. I am Enlightened....

Well yesterdays' events reminded me of the day... my father unveiled the Evil Ways of the world ... and then armed me with the magic mantra/(s)..."Everyone for himself/herself. There is nothing such as a free lunch.." blah blah...(you must have been through some point in your life..)

But guess what "the lucky me" gets a second chance.. Its almost as if.. i hadnt quite understood and implemented the learnings of the first hearing...

So this time.. it was my Boss..well dont get me wrong I think it was pretty nice of him to reinstate the golden rules.... but i wont deny it.... it was wierd.. and kinda unnecessary

Well sitting across the table it was as if i was 21 again..

Boss - "Suhas, there are a few things i want you to know. Somethings which are necessary for you to implement if you want to grow... career wise.. in any organisation.."

Yours Truly - " Yeah...?" (nodding continuously to reinstate my eagerness.. I do that quite often, it makes the other person think i am all ears, whereas i may be pondering over totally different should i go shopping on Saturday or... tommm..)

Boss - "Suhas, i have obsevered you closely over time, you are a very quiet worker an efficient one but ..."
Long pause...
Boss - "being technicaly skilled or correct all the times will not get you where you want to be. You have to be more outward... and more visble..."

(yours truly is still nodding)

Boss - "Your communication and interpersonal skills should outline your technical skills.. this will make you visible. "

Suhas - "Hmmm...yeah i guess..."

Boss - "Talk to people... inform them about what you do...highlight your victories.... You have to be street smart. You can only acquire power if you have a quest for it.."
(quest for power... yeah right!!!)

Boss(continues) - "I am not telling you have to start beeing crooked and play games right from the word go .... but you will have to learn it.. See even in politics everyone wants to be the CM/PM but only the street smart person wins...You cant be nice... everytime "

He notices a slight grimace on my face...

"You seem to disagree, what is it you have to say"

The grimace was more a " oh no not again .. type of expression"
(So now i had to reply.. and that too the reply had to be relevant with our topic of discussion and .. it would express a dissgreement whose degree would be in line with the expression on my face)
Anyways ... my grey cells ... functioned..(luckily)

Suhas - "Errr...Well.. sir I dont think it is something one can learn, and secondly you cant go against your inherent self...."

Boss - "you are right.. you can not unlearn the values you have been raised with... But again its time to redifine your values so that you will succeed"


Now that i am doubly aware... be ready for a new beta version of Street Smart Suhas (I like the way that sounds.. hehehe), I may just fleece.. you.

P.S. Now that the secret is .. out.. dont get upset if i nod continuously and dont say anything when you are talking to me


At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats a beginning...warning us before you fleece us!! wanna fleece, be more subtle...but then you already got that from your boss!

Funny, your article...

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Suhas said...

Okay. Anonymous.. identify yourself..


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