Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thumper Mania...!!!

Well.. I tried my hand at riding a BIKE... and that too not your average bajaj, TVS, or hero honda. It was AN ENFIELD.... Umm basically Geo's bike, and guess what guys I did a pretty good job, It just stalled just "once".... from bandra to juhu.. Well thats good enough for the first time....

Hell .. cant wait to own one now...!!! But before that will have to convince mum and dad .. cause they dont feel that a bike is a sound investment at this point in time...and .. will have to obtain permission from the Goverment of Maharashtra to legally ride one on the roads...

Anyways that ride definitely took away the "simcat 1 blues."

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Whats UP!!!!

Twenty - "Some" years and my life is still
Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination

My Latest Musing !!


With the curtains pulled down
He welcomes you into his realm
Now in entirety He owns you
And you respond to no other sound
Your senses now His kingdom
Which He authoritatively does command
Your wish is as if it ceased
To exist,
"I am your master and you shall
Heed to none other Than Me"

Sometimes His visions seem
To shower upon you
A never ending bliss
Utopia that has been
Seldom witnessed
"Beware!!" He says
Before you soak in the pleasure
Satan’s workhorses are on their way
You try to flee but in vain

Sweat dripping down your face
You’re trapped in a maze of woven truth
Which you feel is completely misconstrued
Yet you keep your pace
Every now and then trying to steal
A quick glance back
At Them, who want you DEAD
You look for Him, your Master
Who has orchestrated this hideous spell
You trace Him not, but your assailants
Surely trace you

Your stomach knots up as
They advance upon you
Your heart quickens and your feet tremble
This cant be real
Your brain finally revolts against His will
He laughs fading away into the light
You regain your senses
And open your Eyes
Realising that it is "You" that was "He"

- Suhas Kulkarni

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Battling Away

Well a week into "the sabbatical” and I can proudly say little progress has been made. The proof my workpad, with more mathematical jargon scribbled in it than doodles. Also the ambitious action plan that now decorates my study table constantly reminding me of the road ahead.

So you would expect everything to be fine, ummm NOT EXACTLY. I end up with something I hadn’t bargained for. FEVER!!!. And that too, not the normal kind, it’s the hide and seek kind.

What are the chances!!! Hmmmpf!!

So, guys pray that this speed breaker does not metamorphose into a major road block…

Anyways moving on, read this one today – There is this scientist from some London University, who has …well… discovered a way of reducing the rate at which our planet is being warmed (green house effect). According to him, it is possible to put a hold on the whole global warming phenomenon by doping the clouds with salt spray. This would make the clouds whiter; enabling them reflect a greater portion of solar heat before it penetrates the green house gas layer. Thus reducing the quantum of heat energy that eventually gets trapped between this layer and earth. When performed over a period of time and over a large area, it will bring the entire process of global warming to a moratorium. According to this scientist if 30% of earths cloud cover is doped with this salt spray, it would ultimately negate the warming which has taken place over the past 20-30 years. (Disclaimer – The statistics are not very accurate.) He also has suggested means of amassing funds for these operations. Mr. Scientist suggests that the funds can be obtained by penalizing industries with a fee for every ton of green house gas they add to the atmosphere, above the designated permissible limit. Well something similar to the Carbon Credit funda of the Kyoto protocol.

Interesting!!! But this arrangement fails to look at the larger picture. It does not put a cap on green house emissions nor does it present a solution for vanishing rain forests, it’s like we are trying to patch a torn wedding gown. We should stop looking at quick fixes to negate climate changes cause... Mother Earth will not appreciate fast food!!

What say?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Back On Track

The code has been CRACKED!!!
Super sleuth Suhas A.K.A Kulku-boy has once again managed to conquer life’s little mysteries, albeit with the help of his faithful side kick “TIME” and his three insurmountable weapons, those deadly needles.

HA HA HA…… (Evil Laughter).

Okay, all this simply means….

1. Mommy dear and Suma are still in Mumbai
2. NO BANGALORE till November
3. I get a month off, for Novembers face off
4. A decreasing waistline

Wow…Am I lucky or Am I lucky….HE HE HE HE …. (Wicked Laughter…)

Okay!!!! Enough Gloating, this is not what prompted me to update my peacefully hibernating WEBLOG.

I may be a little late in publishing this post, but being a true Mumbaikar and a true Indian, I conveniently blame it on (guess what!!!) THE RAINS….!!!

So now, after "the eventful day" even though talks about adventurous return journeys to HOME sweet HOME, have somewhat withered out, it’s the epidemic that’s making the news. And as any SELF RESPECTING Indian citizen would predict, the civic authorities are turning a blind eye to the situation. And to top it, during the entire period, the media has left no opportunity to criticize the government and those in power for the happenings and the aftermaths of 26/7. Lot is being written and said about why Mumbai was so adversely affected by the deluge. The reason (according to the media guys) being “Hyper-urbanization” eventually leading to the deterioration of the city’s drainage system, the lack of a proper disaster management teams, so on - so forth,
Well all i can say is "As you sow, so shall you reap."
I believe – “Man fully deserves every wrath unleashed by Mother Nature taking into consideration the innumerable ways in which, he has tried to defile her grandeur.”

And "We" know for sure that this is just the begining.....!!!